The EITB station

In the beginning of October we had our first working day at the EITB station. When we arrived they gave us our own cards to enter the building. Nora (our accompanist) came to pick us up. She showed us our working places. I was really amased. It was a really modern building. They had the different kinds of media in one building. The televisionstudios, paper and internet department.


The EITB weatherstation.               The EITB workfloor.

We are going to work for the english seccion of the internet department. Too get started she explained how to make a photogallery , how to make the photo news and how to put an article on the webpage. It was really a lot of information. After that we had to try it ourselves. I worked together with Natalja. We were behind the same computer and we had to renew the photo news. This is a slideshow of  pictures that people can see on the front page of the paper.

Because there are only 3 people working in the English department of the newspaper they sometimes don’t have time to do that. This was really a little difficult to do because the program that we have to use is totally in Spanish. So I wrote down all the steps.We had to search for a short text to go with the picture. So we translated some texts from Spanish to English. After I finished this it was really cool to see that the pictures we just published were in the site for everybody to see.

We are getting our own blog on the EITB site. She showed us where the blogs were going to be on the page. On the bottom of the front page they have a seccions with stories from people all over the world. They write about their experiences in The Basque country. Looking forward to write about my experiences here!

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  1. Angelique Beukema zegt:

    Hola Flora,
    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself.
    I like reading your blog.
    Please keep on posting so I can stay up to date.
    With love, mom.

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