“I can’t feel my hands and feet anymore, but I was standing on my board today!”

“My hands and feet are so cold that I can’t feel them at all, but I was standing on my board today!”, was my first reaction when I came out of the water this Sunday. Together with ten other Erasmus students I went surfing in Zarautz.

Two people were making pictures of us that day. This was really great of them because we weren’t able to make the pictures ourselves. By bus we went from Mondagon to Zarautz. The weather was not great at all. It was raining and windy and we all looked at each other like ‘are we really going to do this’?

In the surfing school                                               Still warm and dry

When we arrived in the surfing school the first challenge was the wetsuit. Because it was the first time surfing for everybody we laughed a lot. The suits are not easy to put on and of course very  tight so everybody was laughing a lot at each other.  When finally everybody had his suit on and his board we went to the beach. Funny thing was that all the guys had pink boards and the girls had blue ones.

We had to carry our own boards and this maybe sounds easy but it was not for everyone. The board was too big or my arm to small, either way I couldn’t carry it in a normal way. Luckily I was not the only one and like real amateurs we dragged our boards to the beach.

Our photographers

At the beach everybody was getting a little nervous, the waves were really close now and the first time on a surfboard is just exciting. After the teacher told us everything we needed to know to go in to the water safely we went in. The first 5 minutes it was cold after that I just simply forgot my hands and feet. The waves were very different than the  last time I went surfing. They were smaller but faster after each other, this way it was difficult finding a good wave. What happened was ,that I took a wave and jumped on my board and suddenly there was no wave anymore so I was just floating and fell of my board. And sometimes it was raining so hard that you couldn’t see clearly.

Dry practice                                                            Me on the board

After the session I was almost running back to the surfing school because inside the water was way warmer than outside the water. Most of the people loved to surf. Victoria decided for herself  that surfing is for guys. We went for a nice warm cup of coffee after everybody was dressed again.

What I think about surfing? I can only say that it is really shitty that it is winter right now and that it really starting to get too cold to go surfing. Otherwise I would practice the whole period I am here…!!

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4 reacties op “I can’t feel my hands and feet anymore, but I was standing on my board today!”

  1. Linsey zegt:

    Hola Fleur,

    Nice story about the surfing!
    I wait for you next adventure.

    X Linsey

  2. Ena Henic zegt:

    Hi Fleur!
    First I want to say, i think you have a great time there!?
    I read this story, great title by the way, a little bit funny too. After i saw the title i decided to read the whole story. Good written and verry funny. I think you’re a great surfer even it was a problem to carry your board with you hihi.

    Greetings from Holland!
    xxx Ena

  3. Pim Zwager zegt:

    Nice update!

  4. Tabor zegt:

    Enjoy the surfing there, I would like to make surf trip with you! To surf this time of the year is very cold but the the waves will be bigger and better!

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