French breakfast and clotheslines in Biarritz

I really wanted to go to Biarritz, my boyfriend told me that it is a beautiful place and he is not the only one who said that. So last Friday was the day. Linsey, Karen and me decided to meet each other at the bus station in Mondragon at 7.30. Yes that is really early!

And that was exactly what Karen’s alarm was thinking. It didn’t go off and Karen was too late. Linsey and I took the bus to Donosti and from there to Biarritz. We arrived at 10 o’clock. In the morning there was a thick pack of clouds hanging in the air. We really wanted to see Biarritz with sun so this was a pity.

But when we arrived at the beach, we saw a large blue strip that was  pushing the clouds away. We decided to have breakfast on the beach and during the meal the sky turned totally blue and the sun showed himself.

After the great ,real French,  breakfast we went for a walk along the shore. It was really amazing, it was so warm that we had breaks in between to cool down.  Early in the afternoon we got a text message from Karen, she really wanted to come and that she will arrive in Biarritz at 4. This was great news!

We decided to chill on the beach for a bit till Karen arrived.  There were a lot of surfers in the water and the waves were high, so enough to see.  In two days I have my second surfing lesson so it was even more interesting.  I watched closely how everybody jumped on his board. But these guys made it look like something really easy.

We both fell asleep when a women was shouting really hard. I opened my eyes and saw a big wave coming in our direction. We were standing just in time to keep our clothes dry. But Linsey’s jackets were totally sopping wet, like my bag. After the wave I looked at the beach again and saw that my phone was still laying on the beach. It was totally wet and covered in sand. This was not so nice but we were laughing like crazy. We realized that it could be so much worse if we didn’t heard the women shouting at us.

Because it was almost time to pick up Karen from the bus station, we walked there and made a clothesline, to let our clothes dry. This was pretty funny because people were looking at us in a strange way.’ What are these girls doing?’ When Karen arrived we went walking along the shore again. It looked really romantic because the sun was about to go under. We decided to have dinner in a cute beach pavilion. I really felt like I was one holiday.

After dinner we realized that we only had 20 minutes left to catch the last bus home, and we were far away from the bus stop. So we ran like crazy… We arrived on time at the bus stop only we were standing at the wrong place. (What we didn’t know) We decided to check if the bus was really leaving from here and it turned out it didn’t. The good bus was standing on the other site of the bus station. So we were running again, but we made it! One thing  is for sure, I am definitely coming back to Biarritz. Maybe if I am good enough, to surf!!!

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3 reacties op French breakfast and clotheslines in Biarritz

  1. Grandma Beukema zegt:

    Hola Fleur,
    Happy to read you’re having fun. It was a nice story about Biarritz. A pity for your phone. Keep me posted.
    Love grandma

  2. Johan Niemeijer zegt:

    Nice! Biarritz is cool. And the waves are great for surfing


  3. Linsey zegt:

    It was a great day with you!
    Love you a lot Fleur!

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