Learning a new language is not that easy

The biggest reason why I really wanted to go to The Basque Country is to learn Spanish. I love the  sound of the language en from a journalistic point of view it is a language that opens a lot of opportunities.

On Windesheim, my school in Holland, they told me that I would get lessons on school. But it didn’t quietly turned out that way. There was no Spanish lesson arranged on the school in Mondragon. Because I was not the only Erasmus student that wanted to learn Spanish we decided to search ourselves.  We told our teacher that we really wanted to learn Spanish and if she knew anybody who could give us lessons. She knew a girl that had finished here school last year but couldn’t find a job. So she was going to ask her if she would like to help us.

Three weeks later we had our first Spanish lesson from Ane. We didn’t know what to expect but the lesson was really good. She had made a power point with material to practice in class and really had prepared a lesson. In the beginning we were with 5 people. After a few weeks another Erasmus student joined us. He is doing another education and arrived later in Mondragon. The lessons were for everybody on convenient  times. On Monday from 4 till 5 and Wednesday from 5 till 6.

The first classes were about how to introduce yourself and stuff like that. It was really fun because everything we learned we could immediately put in practice. After a few lessons it became more difficult. We had to learn verbs and grammar. I never liked that in any language, but it is really important to know this. I was hoping that Spanish was not really hard to learn for me but it didn’t turned out that way. I really have to do my homework and repeat sentences and words a lot to get them in my system.

Luckily the classes are always really fun, we have a lot of fun together. If we want to learn something specific we tell Ane and she would prepare a lesson about that subject. unfortunately I am not going to learn Spanish fluently here. When I came here I hoped that, but learning a new language is not that easy. But at the end of this period I hope to control a little bit of the basics. After that begins the real challenge, to continue speaking and learning Spanish when I am back in The Netherlands. But where there is a will there is a way!

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2 reacties op Learning a new language is not that easy

  1. Linsey zegt:

    I’m totally agree, it’s totally not easy to learn a language:).
    But we learn something and the lessons were great.

    Love, Linsey

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