Los Galerna, funnie and talented

A lot of people who are living in Arrasate listen to rock/punk music and playing in bands. Because I know a few of these people, I have seen really cool concerts here. My first one was from Los Galerna. They are a really cool rock band. The special thing about these guys is that they don’t have vocals. Because the bass guitar player of the band is  the boyfriend of my roommate I recorded their concert for my video project.

The concert was organized by Taupa Taberna. This bar is across my house and we go there a lot. They build a stage outside were a few bands were going to perform. A lot of people showed up to see the bands playing. A lot of the Erasmus students were there as well.

I brought my camera to record the concert and ask a few people what they think about the performance. The only problem was that it was quit dark to record a sharp image. But I tried to make the best of it. A friend of the band really wanted to film as well. So that was really handy for me. He filmed backstage and I could drink a beer:P

I never heard them play before and it was really great! I loved the music they are making, and I am not really the rock kinda girl. My roommate was there as well. She was so proud of her boyfriend, this was really great to see. The rest of my friends liked the music also. The big difference between us and the rest of the people that were there is that we danced a lot. But a lot of other people were just standing there. My roommate explained to me that Basque people are sometimes not so exuberant. So we danced for them as well.

The band did not only made great music but they were also good entertainers. On stage the wore masks. They also had funny dances and talked to the public. We had a lot of fun. So bring the next concert on!


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