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Article 2: The pintxo as an artform

The Basques are known for their patriotism and traditions. Traditions are also there in the kitchen. Like pintxo’s, the Basque version of the Spanish Tapa, and gourmet txoko which stands for brotherhood. With a few other dishes this provides The … Lees verder

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Los Galerna, funnie and talented

A lot of people who are living in Arrasate listen to rock/punk music and playing in bands. Because I know a few of these people, I have seen really cool concerts here. My first one was from Los Galerna. They … Lees verder

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Article 1 : Isolated and earth-based mythologies

The world was cold and flat, there were no mountains, no valleys, no seas, there was no heat, only a cold wind that blew over the grassy plains. Benzozia(the mother dragon) lived beneath the earth. She was a big snake … Lees verder

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Last Sunday we went to a football match in Bilbao. I was really excited because i wanted to go there for a long time already. Because I work in the EITB and the building is next to the football stadium … Lees verder

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Learning a new language is not that easy

The biggest reason why I really wanted to go to The Basque Country is to learn Spanish. I love the  sound of the language en from a journalistic point of view it is a language that opens a lot of … Lees verder

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French breakfast and clotheslines in Biarritz

I really wanted to go to Biarritz, my boyfriend told me that it is a beautiful place and he is not the only one who said that. So last Friday was the day. Linsey, Karen and me decided to meet … Lees verder

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“I can’t feel my hands and feet anymore, but I was standing on my board today!”

“My hands and feet are so cold that I can’t feel them at all, but I was standing on my board today!”, was my first reaction when I came out of the water this Sunday. Together with ten other Erasmus … Lees verder

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