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Los Galerna, funnie and talented

A lot of people who are living in Arrasate listen to rock/punk music and playing in bands. Because I know a few of these people, I have seen really cool concerts here. My first one was from Los Galerna. They … Lees verder

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Article 1 : Isolated and earth-based mythologies

The world was cold and flat, there were no mountains, no valleys, no seas, there was no heat, only a cold wind that blew over the grassy plains. Benzozia(the mother dragon) lived beneath the earth. She was a big snake … Lees verder

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Last Sunday we went to a football match in Bilbao. I was really excited because i wanted to go there for a long time already. Because I work in the EITB and the building is next to the football stadium … Lees verder

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French breakfast and clotheslines in Biarritz

I really wanted to go to Biarritz, my boyfriend told me that it is a beautiful place and he is not the only one who said that. So last Friday was the day. Linsey, Karen and me decided to meet … Lees verder

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San Sebastian is a little paradise…

I went to San Sebastian with my “Laguna”. A Laguna is a buddy from the University that helps you with everything you would like to know. We took the bus and from Mondragon to San Sebastian. It took us about … Lees verder

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Late dinners and “Txikiteo”

A lot of times we have dinner outside the house. This time we went for a sandwich in bar Taupa. It is across my house. The owner of the bar is my roommates boyfriend. I was really hungry because it was already … Lees verder

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